Business Plan Development

Business Plan Development

  • Validation of Key Assumptions & Value Drivers
  • Business Model and Go-to-Market Scenarios
  • Financial Models & Investor Presentations

Customer Insights

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

  • Customer Segmentation and Buying Personas
  • Customer (Unmet) Needs and Pain Points
  • Buying Behavior & Decision-Making Process

Product Development

Product Development (MVP)

  • Product Concept Testing & Refinement (Min. Viable Product)
  • Product Development Recommendations
  • Identification and Evaluation of Eco-System Partners

Case Study - B2B Payment & Procurement Solution Market Receptivity Assessment


A payment solution provider wanted to assess the market receptivity for a new B2B payment & procurement platform with target customers in accounts receivable and accounts payable functions across different industry verticals.

Our Work

10EQS engaged with potential customers to validate their needs across the buy/sell value chain; assess their appetite for the solution from customers (buyers/suppliers); confirm the type of customer (industry, size) to target for POA and prioritize customer needs and features to build for MVP.


10EQS conducted a survey with 300 potential customers, as well as 35 in-depth interviews across various industries. The results helped the client refine their value proposition, re-design their MVP, and prepare their product launch.


Payment Solution Provider

Project Type

Voice of the Customer

Project Team

Former McKinsey & Co. consultant
Research Analysts
300 Survey Respondents
35 Interview Participants
10EQS Delivery Operations

Time Frame

8 weeks