Digital Adoption Platform Customer Segmentation & Opportunity Identification


Our client wanted to better understand their customer segments to tailor their positioning and marketing strategy.


The objective was to segment the client’s customer base and identify new potential growth opportunities

Our Work

10EQS conducted an online survey with users and non-users of digital adoption platforms across various regions and industries, to characterize customer segments. 10EQS developed a market map of the client’s key competitors and conducted in-depth customer interviews, to assess how they are using such software and particularly, their experience with competitive solutions. 

Project Team
  • Senior Management Consultant with strong experience in B2B Software and VoC projects
  • Research Analyst conducting secondary research
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 9 industry experts
  • Online survey with 380 respondents
Industry Experts (sample)
  • Sales Operations Manager and CRM Administrator –Management Consulting Company
  • Senior Product Manager, Digital Adoption – Food & Beverage Company
  • Senior Product Manager – Software Development Company
  • Sr. Director, Field Technology Product Management & Experience – Software Development Company


10EQS provided go-to-market recommendations for the client on which customer segments to target and how to improve their positioning in the marketplace in order to increase brand awareness & gain market share.

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