Mid-Market Banking Technology Needs Voice of the Customer & Competitive Landscape


A large technology services provider was looking to increase their share of wallet with medium-sized banks in the US.


In order to improve their positioning and increase their sales with mid-market banks, the client wanted 10EQS to conduct a voice of the customer and competitive landscape study.

Our Work

10EQS engaged with the C-suite and senior decision-makers of target customer banks to generate insights on (un)met needs, priorities, competitive landscape, and partnering criteria.

10EQS Project Team
  • Ex-BCG Co. consultant with financial services experience
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management, and expert recruitment
  • 19 industry experts
Industry Experts – Banking Executives
  • Strategy, C-Suite
  • C-Suite, IT & Ops; C-Suite, Marketing
  • C-suite, Executive leadership
  • C-Suite, Finance & Ops
  • Board Member
  • C-suite, Digital & Marketing
  • C-suite, Risk
  • Regional CEO
  • SVP, Strategy, direct report to CEO
  • IT, direct report to CEO


Major focus areas for target customer banks included improving the digital customer journey, transformations in analytics, product delivery & technology, as well as commercial banking and technology modernization. Based on these insights, the client was able to adjust its sales strategy and service offering.

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