What we do

Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmark competitors and industry peers to improve your competitive positioning & differentiation.

Competitive Landscape

Analyze your competitive landscape and get valuable intelligence to help your strategic decision-making.

M&A + Due Diligence

Analyze the competitive landscape of your acquisition target, assess the strengths & weaknesses of their market position.

Pricing Analysis

Develop pricing strategies and models based on market insights from industry experts and prospective customers.

Voice of the Customer

Get unbiased customer feedback on your competitor’s services and how to compare to yours.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Identify new market opportunities based on competitive differentiation and positioning.

10EQS Services

Consulting Projects

10EQS Sprint

Fast-turnaround project – Get up to speed quickly on industry trends, market opportunities, competitors, customers, and acquisition targets.

10EQS Standard

Typical 10EQS project – Assess go-to-market strategy, competitive landscape, voice of the customer, develop industry benchmarks and conduct due diligence.

10EQS Complex

Large complex engagements – Develop comprehensive analyses & go-to-market deep dives on multiple geographies, industries, customer segments.

Expert Insights

Expert interviews

Qualitative primary research - 10EQS identifies, qualifies, and conducts interviews with subject matter experts. We develop questionnaires, deliver transcripts, and summary reports.


Quantitative primary research - 10EQS programs and manages surveys with qualified B2B and B2C target respondents, delivering data sets and summary reports.

Expert Engagements

Workshops & direct engagements - 10EQS identifies and qualifies industry experts to work with you directly on go-to-market, business strategy and operational execution.

10EQS Teams


We work with a network of qualified consultants (10EQS Collaboration Managers) from top-tier consulting firms.

Subject Matter Experts

We identify, qualify, and engage industry experts to provide targeted primary research insights.

Research Analysts

We work with a network of qualified analysts conducting secondary research, and developing market models.


Our 10EQS Project Management Office (PMO) provides quality assurance and process management.

Our Team

We work with a network of top-tier strategy consultants, research analysts and subject-matter experts.
Julie G. 10EQS Collaboration Manager
Julie G.

10EQS Collaboration Manager

Julie is a former Bain Consultant who has been running her own strategy consulting firm for 25 years, focused on both short and long-term multi-functional strategic & operational initiatives sponsored by C-level executives. 
Tanya K.  10EQS Collaboration Manager
Tanya K.

10EQS Collaboration Manager

Tanya is a former EY consultant and has completed more than 600 successful engagements that have involved more than 5,000 primary research interviews.
James B. 10EQS Collaboration Manager
James B.

10EQS Collaboration Manager

James is a former McKinsey consultant who served as brand manager at P&G and Assistant VP at Loreal, and has 20 years of experience in consulting and the FMCG industry.
Lilly M. 10EQS Collaboration Manager
Lilly M.

10EQS Collaboration Manager

Lilly is a former McKinsey consultant with industry experience from Coach & LVMH. She has 25+ years of experience in management consulting, consumer insights, retail operations, and e-commerce.
Mikhail M. 10EQS Collaboration Manager
Mikhail M.

10EQS Collaboration Manager

Mikhail is a former L.E.K. and Capgemini consultant whose core expertise is in corporate strategy, market/industry intelligence, business model optimization, and transaction (M&A) support.
Ihsan M. Senior Advisor & Subject-Matter Expert
Ihsan M.

Senior Advisor & Subject-Matter Expert

Ihsan has 23+ years of experience in the energy, mobility and infrastructure sectors. Ihsan worked for 15 Years at Shell as Commercial Manager in diverse locations across UK, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and China.
Gary L. Subject-Matter Expert
Gary L.

Subject-Matter Expert

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Unilever. Extensive experience driving business growth and transformation agendas at corporate and divisional levels.
Francois v.P. Subject-Matter Expert
Francois v.P.

Subject-Matter Expert

Chief Transformation Officer at Orange. Senior executive with global experience across Europe, US and Asia. 30+ years experience in the Telecoms, Internet and Mobile industry.
Osvaldo H. Subject-Matter Expert
Osvaldo H.

Subject-Matter Expert

Osvaldo is an AI-enabled marketing Leader at Tupperware Brands and an Associate Professor for AI. 20+ years of experience in the digital landscape.

"Based on your competitive analysis we have great insights on how to position our solution and potential red flags to consider."

VP of Product - FinTech Company


Corporate Clients

We support large corporates and SMBs with assessing their competitive landscape.

Professional Services

We help professional services firms with assessing the competitive landscape for themselves and for their clients.

Why 10EQS?

Efficiency, Quality, Speed


We develop a targeted scope to answer your questions in an efficient and cost-effective way.


Our agile delivery model brings together high-quality consulting skills and industry expertise.


We deliver insights quickly in iterative sprints enabling faster decision-making and increased speed to market.

How to engage 10EQS


We work with you to scope your project and deliver a proposal within 24-48 hours.


We start the project immediately after approval, engaging a custom-assembled project team.


Insights are generated iteratively and delivered to you on an ongoing basis. 10EQS manages the delivery execution and quality assurance process.

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