Healthcare and medical technology

Healthcare & Medical Technology

  • Medical Device Market Entry Strategy US
  • The Future of Diagnostics – B2B & B2C Product Launches
  • Patient Access Software & Services Market Assessment
  • Future of Employee Health Benefits
  • Affordable Healthcare Solutions Competitive Assessment


Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

  • Rare Disease Marketing Strategy Benchmarking
  • Dermatology Market Assessment Brazil – KOL interviews
  • Digital Drug Discovery & Development Solution MVP Market Validation
  • Corporate Benefits Pharma Partnerships
  • Bio-Pharma Operations Benchmarking & Leading Practices

Case Study - Digital Drug Discovery & Development Solution MVP Market Validation


The client wanted to conduct a voice of the customer (VoC) study for a solution in BioPharma Drug Discovery & Development to understand their customers’ longer-term challenges and their vision for drug discovery/development.

Our Work

10EQS conducted double-blind interviews with target customers in the US, EU, and Asia with deep knowledge of early drug development, SPR technology, and the future of digitization in drug discovery and development.


The client leveraged the resulting insights to adjust the products’ value proposition, compete more effectively on factors beyond price, and improve messaging to customers.


Health & Life Sciences Technology Company

Project Type

Customer Insights & Product Development

Project Team

1 Healthcare consultant
20 Industry Experts / Prospective Customers
10EQS Delivery Operations

Time Frame

6 weeks