Pharmaceuticals Marketing Strategy Assessment in Rare Diseases


A pharmaceutical company, was the market leader for over a decade with the only treatment for a rare disease.


As the client was preparing for competition from a new drug, they wanted to learn from past cases how incumbents defended their market share against disruptive market entry by a novel drug with better safety or dose profile.

Our Work

10EQS delivered a list of drug analogs and an analysis of each analog; recommending cases for in-depth research. Next, 10EQS delivered a deep-dive analysis of drug launches, market results, key factors that set up competitor dynamics in three selected cases.

10EQS Project Team
  • Pharma industry consultant with extensive experience in drug launches
  • Consultant with experience pharma marketing and graduate clinical research
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing tight control of content, quality, compliance, and process.
  • 15 Industry Experts
Industry Experts
  • Rare disease experts including partners at pharmaceutical consulting firms 
  • Employees working at analog firms at the time of researched cases such as:
    – Regional Sales Director 
    – Director of Marketing Operations 
    – Commercial Lead 


10EQS delivered an analysis of success factors that led incumbent to hang on to their market share; recommendations for incumbent defense strategies relevant to the client’s unique rare disease context.

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Bio-Pharmaceutical Company

“Great insights that will help us shape our strategy and response to new competitors” – Client 

Project Type 

Competitive Strategy Assessment Benchmarking & Leading Practices



Time frame 

Phase 1 – 2 weeks 
Phase 2 – 4 weeks