The client, a large-cap publically traded pharmaceutical company, was a market leader for over a decade with the only treatment for a rare disease. The client was preparing for competition from a new drug.


The client wanted to learn from three historical cases how an incumbent defended their market share against disruptive market entry by a novel drug with better safety or dose profile.  

Our Work

10EQS delivered a list of drug analogs and an analysis of each analog; recommended cases for in-depth research. Next, 10EQS delivered an analysis of drug launches, market results, key factors that set up competitor dynamics in three selected cases.

10EQS Project Team
  1. Project lead based in the US. Pharma industry consultant with extensive experience in drug launches
  2. Consultant with experience pharma marketing and graduate clinical research
  3. 10EQS Expert Recruiter responsible for identifying, recruiting and vetting subject matter experts
  4. 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing tight control of content, quality, compliance, and process.

Industry Experts

10EQS conducted 15 interviews with industry experts including:

  • Rare disease experts including partners at pharmaceutical consulting firms 
  • Employees working at analog firms at the time of researched cases such as:
    – Regional Sales Director 
    – Director of Marketing Operations 
    – Commercial Lead 


10EQS delivered an analysis of success factors that led incumbent to hang on to their market share; recommendations for incumbent defense strategies relevant to the client’s unique rare disease context.


Publically traded pharmaceutical company

“Great insights that will help us shape our strategy and response to new competitors” – Client 

Project Type 

Competitive Strategy Assessment Benchmarking & Leading Practices



Time frame 

Phase 1 – 2 weeks 
Phase 2 – 4 weeks