M&A Scans

M&A Scans

  • Long List of Companies
  • Vetted List of Relevant Players
  • Vetted List of Prioritized Players
  • Detailed Assessments

Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence

  • Market Assessment & Validation
  • Business Model & Plan Review
  • Financial Valuation Model Support
  • Post-Investment Plan Development

Post Merger Integration

Portfolio Companies

  • Growth Strategy
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Operations

Case Study - M&A Target Scan of Sports Marketing Services & Technology Companies


A sports marketing technology company was looking to grow through acquisitions.

Our Work

10EQS ran a scan of potential M&A targets in the sports marketing industry with a focus on the EU and the USA. 10EQS identified target companies, categorized and prioritized the companies, and interviewed experts from the short-listed companies.


250 companies were identified & scanned. Together with the client, we short-listed 5 companies that were assessed in more details through expert interviews and extensive research.


Sports Marketing Technology Firm

Project Type

M&A Scan

Project Team

Former McKinsey & Co. consultant
Research Analyst
10 Industry Experts
10EQS Delivery Operations

Time Frame

4 weeks