Pricing Benchmarking US


Our client wanted to better understand how other players in their industry, are reacting to inflationary movements with price increases.


The objective was to assess how players in this market are serving their local, regional, and national customers

Our Work

10EQS conducted interviews with customers, as well as providers. 10EQS assessed how companies have priced over the past 12 months to react to inflation, which customer types they are serving, as well as different pricing actions since FY19, and the structure of contract T&Cs. 

Project Team
  • Ex-BCG Consultant with strong experience in the B2B & B2C industries
  • Ex-Deloitte Consultant with experience in the retail/apparel, food, and beverage industries
  • Associate Consultant supporting content synthesis
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management, and expert recruitment
  • 16 industry experts
Industry Experts (sample)
  • Senior Manager, Supplier Management (Customer)
  • Buyer/Contract Manager – Indirect Procurement Specialist (Customer)
  • Director Of Business Development (Provider)
  • Area Sales Manager (Provider)
  • Director of Purchasing (Customer)


The insights helped the client gain a deeper understanding of pricing & contracting strategies in the industry in order to refine their own pricing strategy

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