Market Opportunity Assessment

Market Opportunity Assessment

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  • Leased Airborne Manned ISR Market Assessment

Customer Insights

Benchmarking & Customer Insights

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Case Study - Electric Aircraft Landscape & Trends


The client was looking to better understand the industry landscape and developments for electric aircraft.

Our Work

10EQS provided an actionable opportunity assessment for two identified market segments including (electric) Air Taxis and larger commercial aircraft (hybrid-electric). 10EQS also provided a comprehensive overview of R&D considerations, along with an overview of regulatory and policy-related considerations.


10EQS assessed the future market opportunity for electric and hybrid-electric aircraft for a client who wanted to decide whether to enter this market, possibly in partnership with other players.


International Industrials & Manufacturing Company

Project Type

Market Assessment

Project Team

1 Collaboration Manager
1 Associate Collaboration Manager
9 Industry Experts
10EQS Delivery Operations

Time Frame

4 weeks