Adhesive Solutions in Automotive EV, Healthcare, Building Construction


A global chemicals & materials company was seeking to identify and assess business opportunities in the adhesive solutions market.


The client wanted to particularly assess adhesive solution applications in Automotive EV, Healthcare, and Building Construction on a global scale. The objective was to understand the market and competitive landscape by target segment and region (APAC, North America, EU/UK).

Our Work

10EQS assessed the industry landscape and key players in each of the target sectors across North America, APAC, and Europe. 10EQS further provided insights from major B2B users of adhesive solutions to reflect the customer perspective.  

10EQS Project Team
  • Senior Consultant focused on market opportunity assessments across B2B sectors 
  • Ex-BCG Consultant focused on APAC projects
  • 3 Associate Consultants
  • 2 Research Analysts conducting secondary research
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (= PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 15 industry experts
Industry Experts
  • Global Business Director – Manufacturer (NA)
  • Purchasing Director – Customer, Healthcare (EU/UK)
  • Head of Overseas Market – Customer, Construction (APAC – China)
  • Sales/Marketing Manager – Manufacturer (APAC)
Project Duration: 3.5 weeks


10EQS delivered in-depth insights on the market landscape, including a detailed market model, of adhesive solutions applications across the target regions and segments. The insights helped the client to further elaborate their understanding of adhesive solutions to refine strategic opportunities in the market. In addition, the client engaged 10EQS for Phase 2 to conduct further deep dives on specific market segments. 

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