Consumer goods

Consumer Goods

  • Assessment of Health Supplement Market in US & China
  • Spirits Market & Competitive Landscape in the UK
  • Competitive Assessment of Headphone Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Market Opportunity Assessment


Retail & E-commerce

  • E-Commerce Visual Search Personalization Technology Assessment
  • Global E-Commerce Digital Platform Ecosystems
  • Planning & Allocation Benchmarking in Fashion Retail
  • Commercial Due Diligence of Retail & Hospitality Asset

Travel and hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

  • Aviation Entertainment Equipment and Services Market Trends
  • Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Customer Service Benchmarking
  • Hotel Chain Digital Capabilities & Transformation Benchmarking
  • Voice of the Passenger for Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity Services UK & Germany

CPG Organizational Design Benchmarking


An international CPG firm was in the process of transforming its organization to be more omnichannel driven and wanted to understand other successful models in the category.


The client wanted to assess the organizational, incentive, financial reporting, decision rights and collaboration practices across leaders in the CPG industry to identify best practices for omnichannel success.

Our Work

10EQS conducted 8 in-depth interviews with experts in the CPG category that have recently undergone an organizational transformation.  10EQS then created an insights report which identified key organizational trends and collaboration practices driving global CPG companies.

10EQS Project Team

  1. Former BCG consultant with strong GPG experience
  2. Associate project manager with strong CPG research experience
  3. Expert recruiting led by the 10EQS team in Europe and the U.S.
  4. 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing tight control of content, quality, compliance, and process.

Industry Experts 

10EQS conducted 8 interviews with current competitive leadership including:

  • Head of E-commerce team globally
  • Marketing Director for EU team
  • Country-level brand leadership
  • AVP of omnichannel in N. America
  • Country and global level functional experts


10EQS provided a comprehensive organizational design review which included strategic and tactical advice on structure and incentives that have worked for leaders in the CPG space globally.


Global Luxury Goods Company

Project Type


Time Frame

6 weeks