New Technology

New Technologies & Market Opportunities

  • Future Trends & Innovations in Transportation & Mobility Services
  • Google Android Automotive Partnership Assessments
  • Future of Automotive OEM Landscape & Ecosystems
  • Identification of Technology Leaps in the Automotive Industry

Customer Insights

Customer Insights & Marketing Strategy

  • Automotive OEM – Supplier Purchasing Decision-Making Process in US, Europe and China
  • Automotive Supplier Digital Marketing Strategy Benchmarking Europe & US
  • Automotive Supply Chain & Logistics Market Assessment Morocco & Turkey
  • Automotive Infotainment Market Assessment & Capability Benchmarking

Future Trends & Innovations in Transportation & Mobility Services

The Business Issue

An automotive T1 supplier wanted to assess the future of mobility service developments and needs.

The Solution

10EQS studied the future of transportation by researching Mobility-as-a-Service (MAAS), as well as expert thinking & predictions on mobility advances & enhancement via MCASE: Multimodal Mobility, Connected Ecosystems, Autonomous Vehicles, Shared Vehicles & Electric Vehicles.

The Result

The insights in consumer trends, demographics, public policy, technology progress, city/town planning & automotive OEMs’ roadmaps delivered a clear view of the drivers & factors that will catalyze a heavy shift to and reliance on MCASE transportation in cities globally by 2030.


Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

Project Type

Technology & Innovation Scan

Project Team

1 Collaboration Manager
1 Business Analyst
7 Industry Experts
10EQS Delivery Operations

Time Frame

4 weeks