Biotechnology has played an increasing role in the production of aroma ingredients.

To better understand this trend and the broader impact of biotechnology in the flavor & fragrance industry, 10EQS conducted primary research engaging with industry experts. Based on our research, we developed some key insights around the current role and potential future of biotechnology-based production in the F&F industry, as well as the value chain dynamics. Specifically, we engaged with two leading flavor & fragrance industry experts with knowledge of and experience with biotechnology

Flavor & Fragrance Industry Expert # 1

  • Executive commercial leader in the flavor & fragrance industry with over 30 years of experience
  • Commercial focus on global CPG, food & beverage, global and local flavor & fragrance, cosmetics, personal and home care, biotech, and nutraceutical companies
  • Former VP of Global Business Development at IFF
  • Former VP of Sales at Sensient

Flavor & Fragrance Industry Expert # 2

  • Biotechnology professional currently engaged with a leading biotechnology company (Conagen) developing innovative synthetic biology solutions
  • Former R&D Director-Biotechnology of Firmenich, a large privately-owned perfume and taste company
  • Former Technical Director at Evolva