Although opinions vary about how to define it, the metaverse may be about to revolutionize the way we play and work. In many ways, it is already disrupting and re-forming the way businesses interact with their customers. Now, looking ahead, what business value does it promise for those companies?

Going forward, businesses are taking a range of actions to leverage the opportunities that the metaverse offers. While much infrastructure and tools may be developed by third parties, many large companies in retail, CPG, and automotive, in particular, view technical skills as a competitive advantage and are taking steps to bring them in-house. Media and entertainment companies, on the other hand, are more likely to use third parties to help them strategize and implement experiences.

The metaverse experts at 10EQS stand ready to help you get in the game. We can help you determine whether there are relevant opportunities in the metaverse for your business, define your goals, explore those opportunities, and prepare to scale.