Multinational companies (MNCs) are facing uncertainty as the geopolitical relationship between China and the US remains tense, and the war between Russia and Ukraine wages on. New tariffs and regulations are causing leaders to re-evaluate their supply chains, organizational structure, future investments, and geographic priorities.

To understand best practices for navigating the uncertainty and protecting business performance, 10EQS conducted a deep dive with MNCs across the technology, retail, financial services, chemicals, and automotive sectors. We spoke with senior leaders in Asia, Europe, and North America in financial, supply chain, IT, and general management roles to understand their approaches and learnings to manage geopolitical risk.

Global enterprises are taking a range of actions to leverage the opportunities and risks that geopolitical tension brings. Taking a holistic approach to evaluating top-line growth opportunities, supply chain and inventory, business planning, talent, and data / cyber security will enable them to remain resilient while reacting with agility.