Assessment of UWB Technology Development Strategy


A technology company wanted a good understanding of the motives & strategies of smartphone & tech providers involved in the development of UWB technology for smart devices & automotive applications.


To gain insights into why & how UWB is being considered & deployed for longer-range data connectivity between smart devices, and automotive systems, in order to identify feasible entry points into the ecosystem & market.

Our Work

We completed extensive desktop research & interviewed software, hardware, engineering & development experts from leading smartphone manufacturers, automotive suppliers, & leading connectivity solution providers.

10EQS Project Team
  • Ex-KPMG consultant with tech experience
  • Research Analyst with tech experience
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management, and expert recruitment
  • 8 industry experts
Industry Experts
  • Director of Product Planning & Marketing at Huawei
  • Senior Director of New Connectivity at Samsung
  • Principal Engineer at Yonsei University + Samsung
  • Software Engineer at ASML
  • Head of Communications Systems at HDR Inc.


Provided insights into the UWB use-cases, supplier decisions, roadmaps, solution providers, engineering benefits & further development plans of leading smartphone & automotive ecosystem players.

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