A Competitor & Customer Market Assessment of Managed Transportation Services in the US

Our client wanted to better understand the competitive landscape and customer needs for the managed transportation market in the US.  

The objective was to identify potential white space opportunities for our client’s transportation management offering and assess proactive/reactive defensive actions to competitive threats.

10EQS used a combination of primary and secondary research to generate insights into the competitive landscape and customer needs for managed transportation solutions. 10EQS further provided recommendations for customer growth, sales approach, pricing and branding & reputation management. 

Project Team
  • Ex-KPMG Management Consultant with extensive transportation & strategy industry experience
  • Associate Consultant conducting secondary research
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 15 industry experts
Industry experts (sample)
  • Former VP of Sales – American Multinational Transportation Company (US)
  • Former Director of Business Development – Logistics Company (US)
  • Director of Transportation – Food Processor (US)
  • VP Logistics, Operations, Product Delivery – Manufacturing Company (US)
  • Sr. Director, Transportation, Warehousing, Logistics – Aerospace/Aviation Manufacturer (US) 

The insights helped our client understand who the dominant players are in the managed transportation market and the nuances of their go-to-market strategies. 10EQS also provided insight into customer needs and preferences including pricing, transparency, and relationship building.