Temperature Tracking Market & Opportunity Assessment – Global (North America, Europe, MENA, Asia-Pacific)


A transportation & logistics company wanted to better understand the market for temperature tracking products and services


The objective was to conduct a detailed assessment of the temperature tracking market across various industries & segments that are relevant to the client, on a global scale.

Our Work

10EQS assessed the size and growth rates for the cold chain and temperature tracking market across various dimensions such as geography, logistics segment, industry vertical, and transportation mode. 10EQS further assessed market trends & drivers, product evolution, competitive offerings, and demand trends across markets. 

Project Team
  • Senior Management Consultant with industry experience in logistics, supply chain, and IT
  • Ex-BCG & A.T. Kearney Management Consultant with experience in supply chain & market sizing projects
  • Associate Consultant supporting the content synthesis
  • Research Analyst conducting secondary research & content synthesis
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management, and expert recruitment
  • 15 industry experts
Industry Experts
  • Transportation Hubs – Logistics Global Deploy Lead – Food Company (EU/UK)
  • Sr. Supply Chain Manager – Pharma Company (US)
  • Head of Logistics Development – Retail Company (South Africa)
  • Business Unit Head – Logistics Company (Middle East)


Based on the gathered insights, 10EQS identified the most attractive segments of opportunity for the client, leading to specific recommendations for the client’s market strategy and service offerings.  

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