Global Sustainability Services Voice of Customer Across Industries

Our client was looking to better understand evolving customer needs, priorities, pain points, and buying preferences as they relate to sustainability professional services.

The objective was to define the top sustainability priorities and challenges across a variety of geographies and industries, as well as explore current usage and further needs for professional and third-party services

10EQS assessed companies’ sustainability strategy initiatives and goals, their approach and budget as well as pain points and challenges related to sustainability services. 10EQS explored companies’ current usage, preferences and buying behavior for 3rd party services, and assessed the market landscape for ESG players to identify whitespaces for the client.

Project Team
  • Ex-Deloitte Management Consultant with extensive experience in VoC projects
  • Ex-Accenture Management Consultant supporting content synthesis
  • 2 Research Analysts leading survey programming and data analysis
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 30 industry experts
  • 100 survey respondents
Industry experts (sample)
  • SVP, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability – Global CPG Company (China)
  • Chief Sustainability Officer – Financial Services Company (Germany)
  • VP, Global Sustainability Supply Chain – Life Sciences Company (United States)

10EQS defined go-to-market recommendations for the client’s sustainability service offeringacross target verticals and regions. 10EQS found that most organizations are focused on sustainability due to the value that sustainability brings to their customers, brand implications as well as the emerging imperative to “keep the lights on” and attract investors.