Space Commercialization – Launch Facility Operations


In the context of space commercialization, our client wanted to better understand the challenges & improvement potential of space logistics as an area of innovation


The objective was to explore pain points and potential areas of improvement in space logistics / space launch facility operations.  

Our Work

10EQS assessed launch site & launch team considerations, supply chain and regulatory aspects launch preparation and simulation considerations, as well as aspects related to the timeframe right before launch, and future trends and needs.

Project Team
  • Ex-McKinsey Management Consultant & Former Rocket Scientist at NASA with extensive aerospace industry experience
  • Associate Consultant (ex-McKinsey & NASA) conducting secondary research
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 10 industry experts
Industry Experts (sample)
  • Vice President – SpaceX (US)
  • Project Manager – Rocket Lab (New Zealand)
  • Senior Advisor – Space Agency (France)
  • Space Director, Launch & Space Operations – Boeing (US)
  • Chief Mission Processing – NASA (US)
  • Program Manager – Space Research Center (India)


10EQS identified aspects that are relevant to launch facility operators across the globe. The insights helped the client as they are looking to support space launch facility operations.

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