Professional Services Internally Developed Commercial Software Risk Review Processes


Our client was looking to better understand the comprehensive review process that professional services firms undergo when developing software or assets for commercialization.


The objective was to benchmark the client’s own internal risk review processes through the exploration of review methods including brand, legal, technology, cybersecurity, and data-related evaluations.

Our Work

10EQS interviewed a mix of technology leaders, risk review leaders, and asset certification or commercialization leads to explore how the software development and launch process varies by geography, the balance between time to market and risk tolerance, and gather information on software approval and go-to-market processes, workflows, and stakeholders.

Project Team
  • Ex-Bain Management Consultant with extensive experience in the technology & risk space
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 10 industry experts
Industry Experts (sample)
  • Senior Product Manager (Products & Technology) – Multi-National Professional Services Firm (US)
  • Global Director of Risk – Global Management Consulting Firm (UK)
  • Chief Architect & Software Development Manager – Multi-National Technology Corporation (US)
  • Vice President of Products – Information Technology/Professional Services Firm (UK)
  • Product Innovation Leader, Technology & Digital – Global Management Consulting Firm (US)


10EQS provided the client with a checklist of best practices for the review and launch of software internally and externally, including the implementation of centralized program management, workflow software, and adequate & knowledgeable staffing.