Cross-Industry Market Assessment of Operational Efficiency and Cost Management Best Practices

Our client wanted to better understand how different industry leaders are managing initiatives related to cost efficiency and operational effectiveness.

The objective was to establish a thought leadership perspective on operational efficiency and cost management best practices.

10EQS assessed industry leaders’ current challenges, approaches, structures, and efficiency paradoxes related to operational and cost effectiveness. 10EQS further evaluated investment strategies for digital transformation, digitalization, automation, AI, dynamic scenario analysis, and digital twins across industries including CPG, Retail, Oil & Gas, and Private Equity. 

Project Team
  • Ex-McKinsey Management Consultant with extensive strategy transformation experience
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 7 industry experts
Industry experts
  • Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer – FMCG Company (US)
  • VP Operations – Vehicle Manufacturing (Italy)
  • VP Commercial Operations & Business Development – Engineering and Tech Company (UK)
  • SVP – Energy, Oil, Gas Company (India)
  • Americas Supply Planning Optimization Director – Oil and Gas Company (US)
  • SVP Data Analytics – Retail, Property, Brand Conglomerate (Thailand)
  • SVP – Private Equity Firm (US)

The insights helped our client better understand differences in cost management strategies across industries, expectations for future cost management and revenue growth initiatives, and where to focus efforts such as towards a solid operating model and organizational design.