Thought Leadership Analysis of the Interrelation between Neurodiversity & Innovation Across Industries

Our client wanted to better understand how neuroinclusion can be a driver for innovation and growth within an enterprise.

The objective was to support our client in the creation of a thought leadership piece on the interrelation of neurodiversity and innovation across industries.

10EQS assessed how neurodiverse individuals contribute unique perspectives that can lead to innovation solutions and positive outcomes, including the advantages, challenges, organizational approaches, and learning & development strategies. 10EQS evaluated specific business examples of neurodiverse teams working toward the creation of innovative ideas and initiatives.

Project Team
  • Ex-Deloitte Management Consultant with extensive strategy and innovation industry experience
  • Ex-KPMG Consultant specialized in life sciences & healthcare, supporting content synthesis
  • Associate Consultant conducting secondary research
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 15 industry experts
Industry experts (sample)
  • VP Global Social Impact & Innovation – Online Education Platform (US)
  • Sr. Technical Director, Global Innovation – Multinational Manufacturer (US)
  • Head of Enterprise Product Transformation – Financial Services Company (US)
  • VP Innovation & Product Delivery – Marine Electronics Company (US)
  • Principle Director, Innovation Integration Operations – Global Retail Company (US)

The insights helped our client understand that while neurodivergent individuals often bring unique value to teams, this is difficult to demonstrate and can sometimes inhibit leadership buy-in. However, the results also explored the best ways to address these obstacles including trust, communication, emerging technology enablers, and leadership alignment.