The State of Generative AI Adoption & Transformations Across Industries 

Our client was looking to better understand how Generative AI (Gen AI) transformation and scaling journeys have progressed in organizations across industries. 

The objective was to gain first-hand accounts from executive leaders on their perspectives regarding ways in which they are applying Gen AI tools strategically to transform the business, along with how they are embedding them into projects and products.

10EQS assessed Gen AI adoption and use cases across industries, as well as Gen AI scaling challenges and the state of value creation, what the path to successful Gen AI looks like and the outlook. 

Project Team
  • Ex-Deloitte Management Consultant with extensive experience in business strategy & technology
  • Ex-McKinsey Management Consultant with extensive experience in innovation & Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Analyst supporting secondary research and analysis
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 25 industry experts
Industry experts (sample)
  • Chief Transformation Officer – Chemicals Company (US)
  • Senior Director, Digital Transformation, Generative AI Accelerator –  Pharmaceutical Company (UK)
  • Global Data Management & Operations Transformation –  Consumer Goods Company (Spain)
  • Chief Architect – Aviation Company (UAE)

10EQS provided the client with a perspective on the status of Generative AI adoption identifying that Gen AI is still in the early stages of the maturity lifecycle with high growth expectations. Further, 10EQS identified that Gen AI use cases are most concentrated in the marketing & sales, customer operations, and product R&D functions