Ingredients Supplier Value-Added Services Market Opportunity Assessment


A food manufacturing company was considering investing in developing value-added innovation services in order to enhance their overall product development offer and drive revenue growth.


The objective was to identify potential business models, customers willingness to pay for the value-added innovation services, as well as capability gap assessment.

Our Work

10EQS supported the client by exploring current competitor offerings and customer needs with respect to value-added innovation services in the B2B food space by conducting targeted qualitative research on a global basis with customers, competitors, established and emerging players.

10EQS Project Team
  • Former Monitor consultant and food & beverage industry executive based in the US
  • Ex-McKinsey & Co. consultant based in Europe
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management, and expert recruitment
  • 34 industry experts
Industry Experts
  • Head of global innovation – Global Ingredients Company
  • Head of innovation and customer experience – QSR in Asia
  • VP of Product Development – Snacks Company in South America
  • Global VP of Product Development – Major US Protein Producer


10EQS was able to verify that customers would be willing to pay for certain value-added services if the client would offer their customers a fee-for-service model.