Health Care Industry Market Assessment for Digital Displays in the US

Our client was looking to expand their sales in the US and wanted to better understand the structure of the US medical industry.

The objective was to 1.) assess the industry structure and sales process of the medical device industry in the US and 2.) identify medical industry integrators and resellers the client could partner with to expand their business.

10EQS assessed the market structure for medical displays in the US, including the market size, key vendors, value chain, growth factors, risk factors, key purchasing criteria, as well as insights on the typical path to purchase, and partnership opportunities.

Project Team
  • Ex-EY Management Consultant with strong healthcare industry and innovation experience
  • Associate Consultant conducting secondary research
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 5 industry experts based in the US
Industry experts
  • Former Channel Account Manager, Distribution –  Health Care Technology Company
  • Principal UX Designer – Digital Health Company
  • Director of Marketing – Medical Equipment Supplier
  • Director of Sales & Operations – Medical Device Company
  • Assistant Professor of Radiology – Health Care Company

10EQS defined key success factors for the client’s market entry strategy considering customer perspectives, distribution and marketing strategies, as well as detailed insights on key players in the market and their channel structure