Market Assessment of Data & Analytics Trends and Decision-Making in Healthcare

Our client wanted to better understand the data and insights needs within the Healthcare Market in the US.

The objective was to explore the decision-making process regarding purchasing and understanding of need and use of data and insights products.

10EQS sourced and vetted key influencers in data and analytics across healthcare providers, pharma companies, insurance companies, and medical device companies that help drive business decisions. 10EQS scheduled and coordinated calls between experts and the client while overseeing project flow and quality.

Project Team
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 6 industry experts
  • Timeline: 1 week
Industry experts
  • Senior Director, Decision Science Analytics – Multinational Health Insurance Company (US)
  • Senior Director Data Science & Artificial Intelligence – American Health Insurance Provider (US) 
  • VP, Data Platform, Data Analytics – Multinational Health Insurance Company (US)
  • VP, Provider Reimbursement & Analytics – Nonprofit Healthcare Company (US)
  • Division Chair, Strategy, Value & Data Science – Nonprofit Medical Center (US)
  • Director Analytics Engagement & Data Science – Multinational Pharmaceutical Company (US)

The insights helped our client to understand and track the trends around data and insights needs across various functions in the healthcare market.