How to better attract and retain Cybersecurity talent in a hot market


The client is a large employer of Cybersecurity professionals, but turnover is high and talent shortages are acute.


The client wished to get inside the mind of this unique talent pool to understand what they were looking for in an employer, how better to attract and retain, and how to not have to compete strictly on compensation with other potential employers.

Our Work

10EQS interviewed a dozen senior Cybersecurity professionals in the US and India who had both personal perspectives, as well as long careers in hiring and retaining teams. We also fielded a quantitative survey of 75 cyber professionals to create some robustness around the qualitative findings.

10EQS Project Team
  • Ex-Monitor VP with extensive HR experience
  • Ex-Accenture consultant with extensive HR experience
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management, and expert recruitment
  • 12 industry experts in the US and India
Industry Experts
  • Former VP of Cybersecurity at Intel, a specialist in retaining “Threat seekers”
  • Current CISO of a major corporation
  • Partner at Booz Allen in charge of cybersecurity consulting
  • Former Cyber Executive at Amazon
  • Head of Corporate Infosec at Cognizant
  • Cyber Specialist in the defense industry


The client was able to modify their “offer” and invest in some of the soft benefits that this talent group needed and relax certain rules which were ruffling feathers without adding anything to the client organization.

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