Global Retail Banking Technology Transformation & Modernization Best Practices


Our client is looking to understand core banking infrastructure modernization and transformation journeys at large retail banks across the globe. 


The objective was to assess how retail banks have approached and managed their core technology transformation effortswith a geographical focus on Australia, Singapore, Europe, and the US.

Our Work

10EQS explored the scope and context of various transformations across banks, as well as their preparation and readiness. 10EQS assessed the approaches used by banks in their modernization journey, challenges encounteredand post-game analysis including the measurement of success. 

Project Team
  • Ex-McKinsey Management Consultant with extensive technology transformation and financial services experience
  • 10EQS Delivery Operations (=PMO) providing quality assurance, process management and expert recruitment
  • 10 industry experts
Industry Experts (sample)
  • SVP, Head of Digital Channels – Retail Bank (US)
  • Head of Technology Enterprise Operations – Retail Bank (AUS)
  • Chief Technology Officer – Retail Bank (Singapore)
  • Director of Architecture & Infrastructure – Retail Bank (EU)
  • Chief Transformation Officer – Retail Bank (AUS)


The insights helped our client better understand best practices used by leading banks in order to refine their services in assisting banks undergoing technology transformations.