As a 10EQS Professional i.e. industry expert or independent consultant you can earn money by working on our client engagements, thus leveraging your skills and expertise. You can become part of an exciting global community of experts and consultants with whom you collaborate with. 10EQS offers you a platform for gaining access to a large variety of exciting client projects.

10EQS Professionals include industry thought leaders, executives, academics, management consultants, market researchers, analysts and others.

10EQS is always looking for companies and individuals that provide distinctive, world-class expertise in virtually any subject matter. 10EQS has formed a growing network of partnerships to augment our current service offerings. Our affiliates include research organizations, data providers, expert networks, industry and professional associations, and recruitment firms. We are also seeking partners who want to work with us in any number of ways – in helping us sell and deliver. To contact us about a potential service or product partnership, please email us at

Payments are transmitted via PayPal or bank transfer.

  1. Transfer via PayPal account. If you have one, please include your PayPal e-mail address in the respective box under My Profile > Billing. If you don’t have one you can sign up for one here.
  2. Select the bank transfer option and fill out the form under My Profile > Billing. Please note the bank transfer will be sent from Switzerland and your bank may charge you for incoming international transfers. Check with your banking institution for further details.

Earned compensation is invoiced through the 10EQS Platform once your work has been completed. Your payment will be processed within 30 to 60 days after it has been invoiced. 

All Experts are responsible for reporting their earnings to the appropriate tax authorities.