Thought Leadership Perspectives

Future Market Trends

  • The Future of Agriculture 2030 US & Brazil
  • The Future of Employee Health Benefits
  • The Future of Banking – Customers & Data in 2030
  • Global E-commerce Market Analysis and Enabling Components Framework
  • Global B2B Digital Platform Ecosystems

Technology Scans

Technology Assessment

  • Assessment of Adaptive Video Control Technology & Applications
  • Data Processing Technology Business Feasibility Study
  • Cyber Security Ecosystem Development Trends
  • AI Applications in Consumer & Industrial Products
  • AI Ethics / Regulations and Future in the Workforce
  • Human-Centric Internet of Things

Cyber Security Eco-System Development Trends

The Business Issue

10EQS helped the client to conduct research on Cybersecurity in conjunction with the World Economic Forum. The overarching topic was “Reinventing the internet for Cybersecurity” – basically looking at ways CEOs can drive the development of consortia, ecosystems or other collaborative structures oriented toward shared cybersecurity, in a business world increasingly dependent on digital technology.

The Solution

10EQS provided insights on the potential design of the ecosystem (private / public control, governance, roles, and responsibilities); the role of technology (how to manage the “double-edged sword” of technology, which both enables and thwarts cyber threats) and expectations for the future (evolution of business / operating models, ethical considerations).

The Result

The insights that 10EQS provided along with the quantitative research completed by the client helped the client to write its position paper on Cyber Security for the Future shared at the World Economic Forum.  The goal of that paper and the research was to better position the client as a thought leader and innovator in the Cyber Security field.


Global Technology & Professional Services Firm

Project Type

Technology & Thought Leadership

Project Team

1 Collaboration Manager
8 Industry Experts
10EQS Delivery Operations

Time Frame

3 weeks