Leading Practices


  • IT Cost Transformation Benchmarking
  • Consumer Electronics Marketing Strategy Benchmarking
  • Bio-Pharmaceuticals Operations Benchmarking
  • Customer Care, Sales, Marketing and R&D Benchmarking in the CPG Industry
  • Supply Chain Management Benchmarking in the Food & Beverage Industry



  • Pharmaceuticals Business Process Improvement Commercial Excellence
  • Renewable Energy Manufacturing Optimization
  • Post-Merger Process Integration & Alignment
  • Integration Strategy in Logistics & Supply Chain
  • EU Shared Services Centralized Audit Process Optimization

We Support Many Of Our Clients With In-Depth Analysis Of Industry Benchmarks & Best Practices

As one of the leading benchmarking consulting firms, we support many of our clients with in-depth analysis of industry benchmarks & best practices by leveraging industry experts through our consulting network. We deliver custom scoped benchmarking insights and best practices projects on topics such as supply chain benchmarking, sales & marketing benchmarking, organizational design & operating models, cost benchmarking, R&D benchmarking, as well as competitive intelligence in a compliant way.

As a leading corporate strategy consulting firm, we help our clients understand how competitors are positioning and differentiating themselves in the market, who is winning and why. Key questions we answer for our clients include (but are not limited to):

  • Who are the key players in the market and what is their positioning in the marketplace? Who are the top providers and why are they winning?
  • How do the main players try to differentiate? What specific services do competitors provide and how do they differ?
  • How are the client and its competitors perceived in the market?
  • How is the client positioned in the market (e.g., leading, lagging) and why (e.g., capability gaps)?
  • What recent shifts have there been in how competitors are delivering services (process, technology, client experience, delivery pools) to clients?
  • How are other major players set up in terms of existing teams and hiring new talent?
  • Are there any new entrants/emerging players/boutiques in this space? What is their value proposition, and have they gained any market traction?

10EQS will gather this information by conducting extensive secondary research and primary research i.e., engaging with industry experts familiar with key industry players in a compliant way.

Case Study - CPG Organizational Design Benchmarking


An international CPG firm was in the process of transforming its organization to be more omnichannel driven and wanted to understand other successful models in the category.

Our Work

We assessed organizational, incentive, financial reporting, decision rights, and collaboration practices across leaders in the CPG industry to identify best practices for omnichannel success.

10EQS engaged with CPG experts that were recently involved in an organizational transformation. We identified key organizational trends and collaboration practices driving global CPG companies.


10EQS provided a comprehensive organizational design review which included strategic and tactical advice on structure & incentives that have worked for leaders in the CPG space globally.


Global Luxury Goods Company

Project Type

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Project Team

Former BCG consultant with CPG experience
Research Analyst
8 Industry Experts
10EQS Delivery Operations

Time Frame

3 weeks