The Business Issue

An EU-based private equity firm was contemplating the acquisition of a company that provided digital integration solutions for organizing and managing the information flow in the operating room. The PE firm asked 10EQS to perform commercial due diligence over a period of approximately 3 weeks.

The Solution

  • 10EQS performed a mix of primary and secondary research to build a market-sizing model and to validate the growth and margin hypotheses underlying the acquisition strategy. 
  • 10EQS engaged 11 experts from across the world, each of them offering niche expertise in different commercial aspects of operating room data integration.

The Result

  • The PE firm received a detailed financial model that tested the assumptions of the target’s management team, and provided a fact base for evaluating different growth scenarios. 
  • The PE firm benefited from a deep analysis of data room materials and industry dynamics within a highly-compressed schedule and limited budget.

Client section

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Project Type

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Time Frame

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