Market Assessment & Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Facial & Behavior Recognition Companies in US & China
  • Assessment of Adaptive Video Technology
  • Business Feasibility Study for Data Processing Technology
  • B2B Augmented and Virtual Reality Opportunity Assessment
  • Cloud Platform Usage Analysis for AI & Machine Learning
  • Cloud Software User Segmentation

Leading Practices

Benchmarking & Operations

  • Sales, Marketing and Engineering Benchmarking of Technology Companies
  • Benchmarking Cloud Hosting / IT TCO & Charging Models in Large Enterprises
  • Distribution Channel Partner Identification for 3D Printers
  • Benchmarking of Digital Innovations in Semiconductor Manufacturing Ops & Costs

Facial Recognition Capabilities & Trends in the US & China

The Business Issue

A leading face recognition solution vendor wanted to assess the US and Chinese facial recognition industry in terms of sales, technology, and M&A.

The Solution

10EQS assessed technologies that are enabling & enhancing facial recognition applications in the US & China. Key companies & use-cases were studied to understand approach, capabilities, innovations & clients. Implications, opportunities & key trends were then presented to the client

The Result

10EQS provided confirmation on the huge growth potential & relevance of facial recognition (from still photos & videos) in multiple relevant use-cases. Each use-case had its own characteristics, and the client saw the importance of mapping these to internal capabilities & roadmaps in order to correctly select the highest value-add versus investments & efforts needed.


Global Technology Company

Project Type

Technology & Innovation Scan

Project Team

1 Collaboration Manager
1 Associate Collaboration Manager
1 Business Analyst
12 Industry Experts
10EQS Delivery Operations

Time Frame

4 weeks