A large industrial client was developing a sales strategy for its cloud software and service offerings.

The key objectives were to identify the right sales prospects at specific companies, how these prospects currently purchase solutions, what channels would be most effective in reaching them, and which sales messages would resonate.

IT Decision-Makers


  • 10EQS screened thousands of potential profiles to develop a Top 50 company list with roughly 500 decision makers and influencers for the campaign.
  • 10EQS also performed extensive research on IOT-related events/conferences, websites, media, and blogs to identify key opinion leaders, independent software vendors, and communications channels to reach them.


  • The client was able to create a highly-targeted sales approach based on a detailed understanding of whom to contact within key market segments, using customized messages.
  • The client also developed a much more granular understanding of IOT usage maturity in its target markets.