A Middle East-based company was considering the redesign of its training facility at a major international airport.

The (US-based) client wanted a better understanding of the opportunity, of the organization, its decision process, and their historical vendor selection criteria.

Middle East Airport Authority


  • 10EQS found a number of former employees and contractors familiar with the airport authority organization.
  • A team of 7 experts and advisors provided years of hands-on experience with the Middle East company, allowing the 10EQS team to provide a nuanced view of the training facility marketplace and opportunities therein.


  • The client benefited from very specific insights, providing a greater understanding of: (1) airport authority funding sources; (2) price and cost factors; (3) lessons learned from historical technology deployments; (4) strengths and weaknesses of competing bidders; and (5) the buyer's decision-making process.