A global electronics conglomerate was looking to increase its M&A activities and needed to understand best practices for managing post-merger integration (PMI).

The client asked 10EQS to assist in benchmarking other serial acquirers, and to develop a practical toolkit that could be customized for the client’s organization.

PMI Leading Practices


  • 10EQS engaged 10 experts who were recent, senior employees of comparable companies.
  • Experts were drawn from two distinct categories (Western and Asian) to provide a more nuanced understanding of how leading practices differed on the basis of unique cultural attributes.
  • 10EQS co-developed a questionnaire with the client, supplementing answers with primary and secondary research.


  • The client was able to achieve a high fill-rate in the administration of its questionnaire, and to develop a practical, culture-specific approach that reflected industry-leading practices.
  • 10EQS provided a critical basis for the client’s playbook on post merger management.