A global consulting firm engaged 10EQS for three consecutive benchmarking studies.

The consulting firm wanted to provide its client with (1) a better understanding of R&D programs in the luxury cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and fragrance industries; (2) media and creative services spend for major luxury brands; and (3) the relative maturity of customer care performance for key competitors.

Luxury Retailing Industry


  • 10EQS engaged recent, former employees from large luxury brands in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • The 10EQS team developed quantitative references on competitors’ operational metrics for R&D, marketing, and customer care.
  • In addition, the 10EQS team uncovered a number of strategic insights related to organization design and go-to-market approach.


  • The consulting firm felt that 10EQS’s benchmarking services were more strategic and actionable than traditional benchmarking services.
  • In addition, deliverables required minimal adjustment before being shared with the client.
  • 10EQS helped the consulting firm deepen its relationship with the client, and established a ‘productized’ service that could be replicated with other key accounts.