A global professional services firm was looking to differentiate its advisory practice in the resource industry.

The client wanted to acquire a small, up-and-coming firm that offered unique skills and IP.

The client was unsure how best to identify acquisition targets that were ’under the radar’ in the North American resources sector.

Mining operations


  • 10EQS gathered competitive intelligence from 4 senior decision-makers at companies with which the client was looking to build a stronger relationship.
  • 10EQS also engaged 10 industry experts who were well-informed about emerging companies and technologies.
  • 10EQS assembled a ‘hit list’ of 20 firms based on an analysis of their potential fit with the client, and provided specific follow-up recommendations.


  • The client was able to identify a shortlist of acquisition targets in a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken its Corporate Development team.
  • The 10EQS results were a valuable source of fresh insights, as well as a ‘sense check’ against the client’s internal analysis.