A global consulting firm wanted to develop its thought leadership on the ‘future of process’ to shape C-suite discussions with current and prospective clients.

To key question was: “What should executives be thinking about as alternatives to conventional processes and process design as a way to build and sustain an agile company?”

Future of CIO Processes


  • 10EQS conducted double-blind interviews with 10 current and former c-suite executives from various industries.
  • Interviews focused on issues from swarm design to bot sourcing to crowdsourcing to cognitive design and machine self-replication.
  • 10EQS provided the client with a summary of key takeaways, along with detailed notes from each expert.


  • The client gained valuable insights into how technology would influence work processes over the next 10-30 years, helping them to think through the social and economic implications.
  • The client also indicated that this project provided the foundations for an internal study exploring these topics in greater depth, and that it was instrumental in initiating dialogue with clients.